Started from years 2012, located in Shenzhen China, GatoCam have 12 years of experiences for Camera production and Developing.  From analog camera to IP Camera to WIFI Camera, 4G Camera etc. we are the witness also the participate of the camera industry evolution.

Company now focus on V360pro APP development and Camera innovation. we have 40-50 engineers on V360pro Camera product research and Developement. Over 260+ workers on V360pro Camera production. and Regulary produce 300,000-400,000pcs camera per month.

* GatoCam product sell to more then 100 countries, over 8000 customers.

* GatoCam now has more than 260 workers, over 50 R&D engineers.

* International technical support and own 6000 square meters plant.

* GatoCam Provide OEM / ODM services for both hardware and software.

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