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Bullet Camera is going to be replaced by PTZ Camera

2022-09-07 21:09:44 GatoCam 3145

Bullet Camera is going to be replaced by PTZ Camera

When Camera is under the generation of Analog and IP.  we find PTZ Camera price is much higher then bullet.  at that time PTZ is too big size, which means the shipping cost is high.  Also PTZ housing is metal , and lens is optical lens. it cost much more then Bullet.

So our factory best selling product was dome camera and bullet camera.

but after wifi camera release. PTZ camera price is getting cheaper and cheaper. we can use plastic housing and it still waterproof.  at the meantime, PTZ camera have more functions then bullet camera. it can Pan-Tilt rotation. but bullet can not.  Also, you can find PTZ is getting smaller and smaller.  it was 4.5inch at first. and later 4 inch, later 2 inch. now you can find 1.5 inch PTZ.  it can pack inside a home wifi camera package.

with more functions and smaller packages. we find that customer also choose PTZ Camera much more then bullet Camera.

This year. our factory best selling product is home wifi camera and PTZ Camera.

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